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Guidelines for future CAiSE-conferences (NOT UP-TO-DATE)

Revised June 2012. Revised January, 1997. The initial guidelines were proposed by Arne Solvberg and Janis Bubenko jr in 1990.

  • CAiSE aims at promoting and exchanging research and experience in the field of information systems engineering.
  • The name of the conferences shall be CAiSE’nn – The Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering where nn are the two last digits the year when the conference is arranged.
  • The conferences shall normally take place during the spring time, preferably April-June. Arrangement of tutorials, special workshops, and doctoral consortia in connection with the conference is encouraged.
  • It is, however, recommended to see workshop registration as part of registering for the conference itself.
  • The printing of conference material shall be with red or black letters on a yellowish background. Ordinary text shall be printed in black. If possible, the dot over the “i” in the red-lettered CAiSE logo should be a cube with one red, one white and one blue side.
  • Proceedings should be published with Springer, so that a proceedings series is gradually built up. The ISBN-numbers of the last 5 proceedings shall be published in the call for papers. The ISBN numbers of all previous conferences shall be published in each conference proceeding.
  • An address archive for the CAiSE conferences shall be built up. Implementation to be decided.
  • The core CAiSE-arrangement group, called “The CAiSE Steering Committee”, has been established in 2011, following the previously established informal group of former and future CAiSE arrangers. The CAiSE Committee meets at each CAiSE conference. The agenda includes items reporting on the current conference and decisions regarding future conferences.
  • There will be no organization that will possess any money: “Thou shall not collect treasures on earth”. Consequently:
    • There will be no seed money provided for future arrangers.
    • Every arranger is economically responsible for their own arrangement
    • Every arranger may keep the proceeds that they make on the conference
    • But – the attendance fee shall not be greater than what at any time is usual for comparable scientific conferences.
    • And – the organizing site must make every effort to make accommodation costs as low as possible
  • The conference is mainly anchored in Europe, but some non-European venues are also undertaken provided there is an active participation in previous CAiSE events.
  • The involvement of non-Europeans in the program committee is recommended
  • The conference should be arranged in some Nordic country now and then.

CAiSE Steering Committee

The CAiSE Steering Committee (CSC) is the managing board of CAiSE. CSC serves as the steering committee of the CAiSE conference series, and promotes, supports or organizes any other activity in line with the CAiSE objective. CSC defines and maintains its own internal regulations. In doing so, CSC tries to maintain the vision of the founders of CAiSE.

Members of the CSC

CSC members are chosen in three ways.

  1. Except in cases when CSC members voice an objection prior to a CSC meeting, the CSC chair should extend an invitation to the current conference and program chairs to be members of the CSC. The CSC chair should contact the CSC membership in advance of a CSC meeting to ascertain whether any member has an objection. New CSC members should join the CSC immediately at the CSC meeting held during that conference. No vote should be taken at the CSC meeting; rather the new members should simply be welcomed.
  2. Some CAiSE conference organizers who are prominent members of the community but who are not serving as the conference/program chairs may be invited to join the CSC. The CSC chair should consult with CSC members and then extend an invitation to join the CSC.
  3. Any CSC member may nominate a prominent member of the community. Upon a majority vote of CSC, the CSC chair should invite the person to become a member of the CSC.

Term Limits

CSC members have three-year appointments, beginning and ending with the dates of the CSC committee meeting at the annual CAiSE conference. The membership is automatically renewed for three more years if the CSC member participates in a CAiSE conference at the time or before the membership expires. If a CSC member with expiring membership had intended to participate in the third-year CAiSE conference but could not make it due to unforeseen or uncontrollable events, the CSC member can submit a request to the CSC for a one year extension, which can be granted by a vote of the CSC. Repeated extensions are possible if granted by a vote of the CSC.